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Timeless in 

its design. 

Powerful in 

its effect.

The ErreXZero. The premium table lamp with sanitizing impact. Through the help of UV light, it provides the deactivation 

of microbes on surfaces and filters the aerosols in exhaled air.  

Timeless aesthetics combined with intelligent technology. 

For a safe environment.

ErreXZero Light Gold

Function overview

Surface disinfection

ErreXZero Light

In hygiene mode, the surface beneath the lamp is irradiated with UV-A light. The result is the deactivation of germs, bacteria and viruses on the surface. After the timed irradiation, the lamp switches back to ambience mode.  

ErreXZero Oberflächen UV Licht Reinigung

Air purification

ErreXZero Air

This model comes with an integrated air cleansing system. The air is drawn in through the intake holes and cleaned inside by UV-A light before being released again. Germs, VOCs and unpleasant odours are reduced.

For a refreshed breathing experience.

Erre X Zero Luft UV Licht Reinigung

Ambience illumination

All our models provide efficient lighting thanks to high-quality LEDs.  The warm white light with a colour rendering of more than 90 CRI, and a colour temperature  3000° K creates a broadly pleasant ambience.

ErreXZero Ambient Beleuchtung

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